Software Website Reference
CLPM http://search.cpan.org/~crabtree/BioX-CLPM-0.01/lib/BioX/CLPM/Base.pm 1
Crux http://noble.gs.washington.edu/proj/crux 2
DXMSMS http://creativemolecules.com/CM_Software.htm 3;4
MassMatrix http://www.massmatrix.net 5
CrossWork/MassAI http://www.massai.dk/ 6
MS-Bridge (part of UCSF Prospector) http://prospector.ucsf.edu/prospector/cgi-bin/msform.cgi?form=msbridgestandard 7
PeptideMap (in PROWL) http://prowl.rockefeller.edu/prowl/peptidemap.html 8
Pro-Crosslink https://c4c.uwc4c.com/express_license_technologies/pro-crosslink-version-1 9
ProteinXXX/GPMAW http://www.gpmaw.com/html/downloads.html 10; 11
VIRTUAL-MSLAB Available upon request at ldk@science.uva.nl 12
X-Link Available upon request 13
X-Links http://www.wsu.edu/proteomics/ 14
xQuest / xProphet http://prottools.ethz.ch/orinner/public/htdocs/xquest/ 15
StavroX / MeroX http://www.stavrox.com/ 16;17
XLPM http://binf-app.host.ualr.edu/~mihir/cgi-bin/xlpm.cgi 18
X-Link Identifier http://du-lab.org/ 19
FINDX http://findxlinks.blogspot.de/ 20
xComb https://persephone.rxlab.umaryland.edu/xcomb.php 21
XiQ http://xiq.rappsilberlab.org 22
Find_XL http://biolchem.huji.ac.il/nirka/software.html 23




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