Annual Research conference and MC meeting Heraklion, March 19-21


Draft programme


Sun 19th             

18:00                   Informal get-together in Heraklion (pre-dinner drinks)

20:00                  Informal dinner in Heraklion, self-organized


Mon 20th

9:30                    Coffee, IMBB FORTH

9:50-10:00        Welcome and introductory remarks
COST Chair, F. Sobott, University of Antwerp, Belgium
Local Organizer, M. Aivaliotis, IMBB Forth & University of Crete, Greece

10:00-10:30     Michael Kokkinidis
IMBB Forth & University of Crete, Greece

10:35-10:45    Session 1a introductory remarks
COST Vice-Chair, Sarah Cianferani, University of Strasbourg, France

10:45-11:05    Michal Sharon
Weizmann Institute, Israel

11:10-11:30   Nina Morgner
University of Frankfurt/M., Germany

11:35-11:55   Kostas Thalassinos

UCL London, UK

12:00-13:30   Lunch break & Posters

13:30-13:40  Session 1b introductory remarks
WG1 leader, Michal Sharon, Weizmann Institute, Israel

13:40-14:00  Michael Glocker
University of Rostock, Germany

14:05-14:20  Sneha Chatterjee
University of Antwerp, Belgium

14:25-14:45  Rita Grandori
University of Milano-Bicocca, Italy
14:50-15:05   Johannes Heidemann
Heinrich Pette Institut Hamburg, Germany

15:10-15:40   Coffee break

15:40-16:00   Edwin de Pauw
University of Liège, Belgium

16:05-16:25   Pol Ilag
University of Stockholm, Sweden

16:30-16:35   Daniel Driscoll
University College Cork, Ireland

16:40-17:20   Time for discussion (led by Sarah Cianferani & Michal Sharon)

18:30-19:30        Informal MC discussion (core group + interested MC members)

20:00              Conference (networking) dinner in Heraklion
Organized and paid by COST

Tue 21st

08:00            Formal MC meeting & vote on budget plan, IMBB Forth

10.00           Coffee, IMBB Forth

10:20-10:50   Nelson Barrera, Invited Speaker
Pontificia Universidad Católica, Santiago, Chile

10:55-11:20   Session 2a introductory remarks
Alex Leitner, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

11:20-11:40  Elien Vandermarliere

University of Gent, Belgium

11:45-12:00  Elodie Grifnee
University of Liège, Belgium

12:05-13:00 Lunch break & Posters

13:00-13:15  Session 2b introductory remarks
Kasper Rand, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

13:15-13:35  Jonathan Philips

University of Exeter, UK
13:40-13:55   Esben Trabjerg
University of Copenhagen, Denmark

14:00-14:20    Session 3 introductory remarks
Justin Benesch, University of Oxford, UK
14:20-14:35    SKYPE Perdita Barran
University of Manchester, UK
14:40-14:55    Jean Haler
University of Liège, Belgium

15:00-15:20   Marta Vilaseca
IRB Barcelona, Spain
15:25-16:00        Time for discussion (round table)

From 16:00         Free time!


Wed 22nd



For travel info please see the following site:



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Working Group 5: MS in Biopharma

Meeting of Working Group 5: MS in Biopharma


Wednesday 13th July, Birkbeck College, London


The goal of this working group meeting is to discuss what is the role of structural proteomics methods in a Biopharma context (discovery/quality control), what are the current needs and/or bottlenecks? and whether there is a need for new methods / instrumentation to be developed. There will be a particular focus on discussion of potential solutions, as well as developing an EU-based framework for on-going collaborative work.




The meeting will take place in round-table format, with four key topics to be considered in depth. Each topic will be kick-started by a 15 minute presentation by an invited speaker, who will then, together with a designated chair, lead the ensuing discussion.




Time Session Speaker
10:30 Tea and Coffee
11:00 Session 1 – Challenges in biopharma solved by MS Jonathan J Philips
12:15 Lunch
13:15 Session 2 – How critical is a critical attribute? Cianferani Sarah
14:30 Session 3 – The use of MS in biopharma – top down Derek Wilson
15:45 Coffee
16:00 Session 4 – The use of MS in biopharma bottom up Perdita Barran
17:15 Wrap up discussion
17:30 Refreshments




Milena Quaglia – LGC

Cianferani Sarah – University of Strasbourg

Rachel Garlish – UCB

Jonathan J Philips – University of Cambridge

Derek Wilson – York University

Marta Vilaseca – IRB Barcelona

Justin Benesch – University of Oxford

Jonathan Hopper – University of Oxford

Edwin de Pauw – University off Liege

Johann Far – University off Liege

Nicolas Smargiasso – University off Liege

Claire Eyers – University of Liverpool

Perdita Barran – University of Manchester

Frank Sobott – University of Antwerp

Kostas Thalassinos -UCL

Kamila Pacholarz – University of Manchester

Zoja Nagurnaja – UCL

Sneha Chatterjee – University of Antwerp






There are plenty of hotels around Birkbeck. Some of the hotels that are recommended by the department are:


The Academy (Gower Street) (mid-range price) –

The Imperial Hotels (low price) –

Montague on The Gardens (Montague Street) (expensive) –

The Morgan Hotel (Bloomsbury Street) (mid-range price) –




The meeting will be in Room B04 which is in Birkbeck Main building at Torrington Square (building 1, on the attached map). Go to the main reception of Birkbeck and signs will guide you to B04 which is in the basement.


Travel to our central London campus by public transport


  • Birkbeck is surrounded by tube and mainline rail stations: we are close to Russell Square, Tottenham Court Road, King’s Cross and Euston – check our interactive map.
  • Many bus routes pass down nearby Gower Street or go via Russell Square. To plan your journey to Birkbeck using public transport, see the Transport for London Journey Planner.



Travel to our central London campus from the airport(s)


  • Those of you who are flying in to London Heathrow may wish to note that you can take the Underground (Piccadilly Line, East Bound) to King’s Cross or Russell Square from where you can take a taxi to Birkbeck.
  • For those flying in to Gatwick, we suggest you take the ‘Gatwick Express’ to Victoria Station, then take a taxi.
  • Planning your initial journey on arrival will depend largely where you will stay in London. Useful web sites include: